Hexaware to Grow in Double Digits at 10-12% in 2017: Chief

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hexaware-1Midcap software firm Hexaware Technologies reported a 3.4 percent revenue growth in constant currency but according to the company’s chief R Srikrishna, its profitability will stay flat in the the calendar year 2017 as the margin growth will be in line with the revenue growth but the company will grow in double digits. “You should expect to see growth again in 2017 over 2016. But, it tends to be lumpy. So, I would not put a quarterly run-rate,” he said while speaking to CNBC-TV18 in an interview.

“You should expect to see growth again in 2017 over 2016. But, it tends to be lumpy. So, I would not put a quarterly run-rate,” he said while speaking to CNBC-TV18 in an interview.

According to Srikrishna, executive action can only change things to a certain extent and most things which are material to the H1B cannot be changed by executive action. “It needs legislative action and of the two bills that are there, one represents essentially Silicon Valley interests which has a little scope to go through. The other one is bipartisan, but you should know that similar bills that have not got bipartisan broader support, have not passed, he added.

Watch the exclusive footage of the interview of Hexaware CEO, R Srikrishna featuring on the show CNBC: http://www.moneycontrol.com/tv/cnbc-tv18-shows/midcap-radar-2017-02-08.html

Hexaware Technologies expands its BPS Services; opens 2nd delivery center in Chennai

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Hexaware Technologies Limited, a leading global provider of Application, Infrastructure, BPS and Digital services, announced the expansion of it BPS Services with a second delivery center in Chennai, India. The addition of this center in its global delivery network will further strengthen the Company’s delivery capabilities in providing accelerated business process solutions for clients across industries and various geographies.


The inauguration was hosted by Allison Kirkby, Chief Executive Officer, Tele2, one of the leading European telecommunications operators. Hexaware has been a trusted partner for Tele2 since 2011. Over the years, Tele2 has become one of Hexaware’s strategic customers and among its top 3 customers in Europe. Together, Hexaware and Tele2 have partnered in various successful strategic undertakings. In the last 6 years this partnership has grown to include IT, customer & network operations and IoT/M2M.

“The opening of the new delivery center is in anticipation of continued growth we are experiencing in the marketplace, as we continue to invest in our capabilities to service our customers in line with our Shrink IT, Grow Digital strategy. We are also delighted to have Tele2 with us today. We see tremendous potential in leveraging our synergies for the benefits of our clients.” said R Srikrishna, Chief Executive Officer, Hexaware Technologies Limited.

The new center will deliver mission critical back office and front office services to global clients from varied industries including Telecommunication, Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail and Professional Employer Organization.

Read More: http://bit.ly/2gXJiiC

Hexaware Technologies Named a Top 15 Sourcing Service Provider by ISG

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Hexaware Technologies Limited, a leading global provider of Application, Infrastructure, BPO and Digital services, announced that it has been named a Top 15 Sourcing Standout by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading technology insights, market intelligence and advisory services company.

hexaware-1Hexaware was among the leading providers in the Breakthrough 15 category for the Americas region based on annual contract value (ACV) won over the last 12 months, according to the 3Q 2016 Global ISG Index.

Hexaware has witnessed industry-leading growth in the last two quarters of 2016. In the select verticals that it focusses on, Banking & Financial services has been leading the revenue share followed by Manufacturing & Consumer. New Bookings have been driven by Next Generation service lines, Agile Application Development, Infrastructure Management Services and Business Process Services. North America remains its strongest market in terms of revenue share followed by EU and then APAC. As a Gen 3.0 IT service organization, it has introduced new services to clients like RAISE IT, platform driven infrastructure and application management services, RPA enabled Digital Managed Services, which are in-line with the corporate strategy.

Shares of HEXAWARE TECHNOLOGIES LTD. was last trading in BSE at Rs.204.4 as compared to the previous close of Rs. 190.45. The total number of shares traded during the day was 261950 in over 3149 trades.

The stock hit an intraday high of Rs. 205.9 and intraday low of 190.75. The net turnover during the day was Rs. 52902353.

See full news here: http://bit.ly/2gmsQrQ

SpiceJet, Hexaware Tech among Five Wealth-Creating Midcap Stock Ideas

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The S&P BSE Midcap index may have lost nearly 3 per cent in the last one week, it has returned over 22 per cent in the last one year, as compared to just about 10 per cent surge on the benchmark index Sensex.

While some analysts believe the valuations of midcap stocks are overstretched, there are some who are bullish on these stocks given one chooses the right ones.

“Most of the mid cap stocks are looking overvalued but if one has 2-3 years long horizon, one can expect good returns. There are still pockets of midcap space which are at attractive valuation (like specialized engineering companies, niche financing and infrastructure companies) and they are expected to outperform in short term in spite of majority of midcap stocks being overvalued,” said Aasif Hirani – Director, Tradebulls.

Below are five midcap stocks ideas recommend by top brokerages:

India Nivesh

1) L&T Finance Holdings

L&T Fin has delivered better performance in the June quarter despite challenging business environment with healthy loan growth (despite run down of de-focused portfolio), healthy operating profit led by cost saving and positive surprise on asset quality despite transition to 120 dpd.

The brokerage like company’s strategy for FY16-20E of improving ROEs to high teen which will be led by focus on profitable and high margin segments.

India Nivesh maintained ‘buy’ rating on the stock with a target price of Rs 115.

Prabhudas Liladhar

2) Hexaware Technologies


Hexaware Technologies reported impressive 6.6 per cent quarter-on-quarter dollar revenue growth. The company has guided for a robust second half as well with even fourth quarter of calendar year 2016 to be a good quarter unlike Q4 of CY15 which was soft.

The brokerage believes Hexaware’s performance is particularly heartening against a backdrop of revenue/margin miss by most mid?cap peers. It retained ‘Accumulate’ rating on the stock with a target price of Rs 255. Read more…

Hexaware betting big on Shrink IT and Grow Digital strategies, says its CEO

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Hexaware Technologies has posted robust earnings, with revenues up 12.6 per cent in the first quarter and dollar revenue seeing a healthy growth. Margins have seen steady growth as well.

Hexaware-CEO-Mr.-R-SrikrishnaSpeaking to BTVI, Hexaware Executive Director and CEO R Srikrishna said the company’s two-pronged strategy of Shrink IT and Grow Digital is paying off.

While the US business looks strong, the macroeconomic conditions in Europe are of a little more concern, even as the Brexit impact is still to be fully assessed. With $47 million in cash on books, Srikrishna said, the company is seriously looking at acquisitions in the healthcare and banking space.

Read Original Article Here:- http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/info-tech/hexaware-betting-big-on-shrink-it-and-grow-digit-strategies-says-its-ceo/article8925098.ece

Website:- http://hexaware.com


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Identifying and correcting availability and performance problems can be costly, time consuming and risky. IT organizations spend more time identifying an owner than resolving the problem.
HP Diagnostics helps to improve application availability and performance in pre-production and production environments. HP’s diagnostics software is used to drill down from the end user into application components and cross platform service calls to resolve the toughest problems. This includes slow services, methods, SQL, out of memory errors, threading problems and more.

How HP Diagnostics software works
During a performance test, HP Diagnostics software traces J2EE, .NET, ERP, and CRM business processes from the client side across all tiers of the infrastructure. The modules then break down eachtransactionresponse time into time spent in the various tiers and within individual components. 

•Easy to use view of how individual tiers, components, memory, and SQL statements impact
Overall performance of a business process under load conditions. During or after a load test, you can
inform the application team that the application is not scaling and provide actionable data to them.

• The ability to triage and find problems effectively with business context, which enables to focus onproblems impacting business processes
Why? The Benefits
Diagnostics falls into the middle ground between Quality Assurance and Operations Performance Validation.
For developers, having Diagnostics means that tracing code doesn’t have to be added and removed. This is a big side effect of why diagnostics can improve performance.
Diagnostics is the science of pinpointing the root cause of a problem. Load Runner is the first load testing tool to provide a set of Diagnostics modules that trace, time, and troubleshoot end-user transactions acrossALL tiers of the system. These modules extend LoadRunner to provide a unified view of both end-user experience and application component (method, SQL) level performance. The intuitive visual interface allows the user to drill down from a problematic business process all the way to the poorly performing component. This granularity of results ensures that every load test provides development with actionable results, thus reducing the cost and time required to optimize J2EE/.NET applications.
Diagnostics can be integrated with HP Business Availability Center software, HP LoadRunner, and HP Performance Center
As the response times alone will not suffice the report, more people(client ,developer etc)  are interested to know the key features why the bottlenecks .As a part of performance engineering identifying the root cause as where the bottleneck is and why is it caused.

Any application  framework we test has numerous lines of code.it is difficult for a developer to identify why the application response in more on load if we just produce them with response times,if team has to fix them ,they will be in a doubt as which part of the code and methods are causing the increased response time.

Supported platforms
• WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle 10g, SAP Web
Application Server, JBoss, Tomcat, Sun ONE, ATG,Borland ES, FUJITSU Interstage, Tmax Soft JEUS,
.NET 1.1 to 3.5
• WebSphere Portal Server, WebLogic Portal Server,SAP Enterprise Portal, Oracle 12i applications

Consider a J2EE/.net framework
As of the probes are installed on each layer like web,application layer, database layer the metrics are collected by diagnostics tool illustrating the behavior of the layers when a request is sent..
Key concern when it comes to metrics:
1.J2EE/.NET Framework –Average Method response time
2. J2EE/.NET Framework-Server requests response
2. J2EE/.NET Framework-server method calls persecond

When it comes in direct invoking of the diagnostics we have the following metrics
1. Average memory used
2. Average CPU used
3. JVM heap memory used
4. Connection pool, Thread pool
5. Collection leaks
6. EJB Methods /time
7. Server requests/time
8. Worst transaction
9. Worst SQL Queries
10. Network latency
11. Server request -exceptions

The report which we consolidate will speak clearly as where the
Developer-Which method or part of code should he fix?(methods and calls)
DBA-Which query should be tuned (any indexes are used  for the query)
Integration team-Any increase in servers and CPU are necessary for scalability.

Key Functions of Diagnostics:
Various Metrics (such as JVM heap size, garbage collection frequency, method invocation counts, etc.) are grabbed by Probes which pass metric data out to the Profiler web service (installed with and runs on the same server with the probe) to produce web pages in HTML or XML or format which can be parsed dynamically by Scripts running withing load runner programmed to store diagnostics values as user-defined values along with metrics maintained by LoadRunner (such as the number of vusers running concurrently).
HP(Mercury) Tuning Console product which tracks the impact of server configuration changes on metrics

When many app servers are involved add in (Diagnostic)to LoadRunner displays metrics files obtained from the
Diagnostic Server, also called the Commander, which stores data from the Collector and Mediator which filter and aggregate data obtained from probes on app servers.
Probe Profiler Tabs
Below is the sample of the probe metric page and listen below are the few metrics.

Shortest Requests
Slowest Methods
CPU Hotspots (Methods)
Slowest SQL
System (Host) CPU, Memory Usage, PageInsPerSec, PageOutsPerSec, PageCutsPerSec, Disk, Network
JVM: Probe: HeapFree, HeapTotal, HeapUsed
Java Platform: Classes, GC, Threads
Mercury System
Web logic: EJB, Execute Queues, JDBC, etc.

The final summary is that report plays a major role in making the performance of the application as desired by the User (Fast and scalable).Response times can be brought down by fixing these issues.
Hence forth diagnostics is the heart and soul for the Performance engineering Practice.


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Performing Manual Correlation with Dynamic Boundaries in LR

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What is Correlation: It is a Process to handle dynamic values in our Script. Here the dynamic value is replaced by a variable which we assign or capture from the server response.

Ways to do correlation: There are two ways to do this Correlation.

They are as follows:

  • Auto-Correlation: The Correlation Engine in LR Package captures the value and replaces it with another value
  • Manual Correlation: Understanding of the Script and its response is highly needed to do this. It is bit complex to do Manual Correlation sometimes but this is always the preferred method to handle Dynamic Values in our Script

Usually the Manual Correlation is done by capturing the dynamic value which is present in between the Static left and right Boundaries.

Objective: The intention of this article is that to give a method which will be useful when we wanted to capture and handle Dynamic Values when even the Left and right Boundaries are also dynamic.

The Solution can be much simple, Instead of determining the boundaries to the String we can actually use Text flags.

Before Getting into the Topic we should know about the Text Flags:

Text flags are the Flag used just after the text with Forward Slash.

Some of the commonly known and used Text flags are:

  • /IC to ignore the case
  • /BIN to specify binary data
  • /DIG to interpret the pound sign (#) as a wildcard for a single digit
  • /ALNUM<case> to interpret the caret sign (^) as a wildcard for a single US–ASCII alphanumeric character

Case 1: Digit Value

Suppose the response data is the string literal, but the issue is that the left boundary is changing every time; you get the left boundary as axb, where x ranges between 0 and 9, as follows:


We can capture the desired string by putting the following correlation function in place, using the /DIG text flag in combination with Left Boundary:

web_reg_save_param (“Corr_Param”, “LB/DIG=a#b\=”, “RB=rb”, LAST);

The corresponding place, which you expect to be dynamically filled in with a digit, should be replaced by a pound sign (#).

If there are multiple digits, we can use ‘##’.

Case 2: Boundary is String and case sensitive

web_reg_save_param (“Corr_Param”, “LB/IC/DIG=a#b\=”, “RB/IC=rb”, LAST);

Case 3: A Place to be filled either by a Digit or a letter

web_reg_save_param (“Corr_Param”, “LB/ALNUM=a^b\=”, “RB/IC=rb”, LAST);

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