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Some great conferences coming up!

Hexaware is participating in some really great conferences in May. May 4th to 6th we are at the Gartner Outsourcing and Vendor Management Summit in Las Vegas and May 3rd to 8th we are at the TDWI Global Conference in Chicago. While the Gartner conference is the definitive conference for the Outsourcing space, the TDWI conference is THE conference for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence/Analytics. Should be an exciting week.

Am looking forward to attending some insightful sessions at the Gartner Conference. And meeting Fran Karamouzis, Allie Young, Partha Iyenger – key Gartner analysts in this space. Will also attempt to tweet while at the conference.

And then the third week is again tradeshow time. We are participating at the LOMA/ACORD Insurance Systems Forum May 17- 19 in Orlando, Florida and at Eye For Travel’s Travel Distribution Summit, May 19 – 20 in London, UK. Another exciting week. I plan to tweet from the LOMA/ACORD conference too.

Follow Hexaware on Twitter here -> http://twitter.com/hxmktg

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